Shopping As A Service

End-to-End consumer offerings — On behalf of the client, a colleague along with artificial intelligence in the service of personalized merchandising for the shopping needs of each client — more about, listening!

"Its more than data — approach of listening to the client’s interests in shopping is best way to clarify/verify the engagement. Now with present consumers data applied to their specific data set— cognitive automation — Optimizing all parties for the betterment of the customer experience."

See | Hear | Read | Move | Reason

Similarity in the following ways/means between parties of Clientele + Colleague + Artificial Intelligence; shared abilities for engaging with informational data in the forms of seeing, hearing, reading, moving, reasoning.

Baseline on structural relationships between Retail Buyers + Sales Professionals + Deep Technologies; (A) point the need-directive, (B) point the colleague, (C) artificial intelligence, with the consumer at the center.

Clientele; Individual shoppers with a need to fulfill in the ways/means of goods & services and with guidance by colleague + artificial intelligence.

Colleague; Learned Professionals with the skills sets of sales & marketing of products and/or services either by company, distributor, category.

Artificial Intelligence; Audible & Visual machine learning technologies in the assimilation of Clientele data points which the outcomes are assembled in the form of hyper-merchandising and presented to shoppers, with recurring development on the basis of engagement metrics re-authored to all parties.

Shopping As A Service (SAAS) — Shaping the consumer offerings with characteristics;

  • Tailored Style & Transaction components to clients experiential account
  • Physical/Online/Virtual; Listening + Sharing = Hyper-Merchandising by Major Industries and sub/categories, i.e., fashion — luxury streetwear — women shoes
  • Influential Party in the directives of the Needs & Outcomes as the Shopper
  • Consumers access to maximize purchases through the competitive-edge as it relates to Consumer Markets by categories across global goods/services
  • Reformulates; shoppers past/currently/evolving merchandising portal 

Consumer Engagements — Best Practices

As we engage + most effective + personalized + innovative + purchases

  • Shoppers Initiation: Sharing of the need and/or interest, including references
  • Machine learning results: Reviewed by Human & AI, launch of initial merchandised products/services for presentation to consumer
  • All Parties (customer, colleague, artificial intelligence) enter into shared physical/non-physical space for the purpose of merchandising/transacting
  • Hyper-Merchandising is the assimilation of the need driven by directive of consumers for awareness to the retail goods/services global markets
  • Clientele Purchasing & Transaction Data Sets are secured storage, as well as 3rd party trades in assigning value metrics to individual personal data


Guidance & Co-Facilitators of Consumers Interests

The shopper, per the 20th century market characteristics “The Customer Is Always Right” is primarily based on the position of sales person(as it relates to a companies guidelines) as the subordinate to the need of the customer.

SAAS relationships are primarily based on the directive of the client’s need — co-facilitators (Human + AI) are deployed to provide for the betterment of fulfilling the directives of the shoppers.


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