Launch of the first-mover in Direct-to-Consumer category with sustainable fashion and inclusion entrepreneurship programs

Welcome to the launch of

The official fashion licensing company with the exclusivity to the category, Resort Pop Wear.

Since the founding of the fashion category in 2017, our position has been first-mover in evolving the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand model, to include categories of major industries and more specifically within the global fashion industry as coined, Direct-to-Consumer Fashion Category.

Startup products/services incubator + Shared workspace + Sustainable business practices + Global community & commerce + Hybrid P2P Licensing Technologies

I, Matthew Ashburn, am the founder of the category Resort Pop Wear, the licensing company, the DTC fashion category as a model, and the brand designer for the initial (3) brands: Ethan Matthew, Jetset Licorice, Noble X Human.

Resort Pop is defined as DTC fashion category. To-scale fundamentals that are best practices to consumer brands with an optimal structure for implementing sustainable business practices/strategies. The following is a list of core characteristics:

  • Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Licensing Marketplace
  • Inclusive ecosystem for fashion designers and entrepreneurs
  • Hybrid Blockchain Projects/Commerce/Trade
  • Designers autonomy with developing product/services, without committee and/or departmental influences.
  • SMEs growth strategy for startups, as well as, brands from other categories.
  • Fashion Drop Sales/Marketing/Distribution
  • Consolidating Major Buyer Orders - with 30% savings on working capital.
  • Consolidated orders across brands with regional/global distribution
  • Circular Organization Chart with Task Management Technologies
  • Adaptive systems approach to consumer brands for optimizing across category based on sustainable practices in manufacturing, sourcing materials, design development, customer engagements, and global-to-local distribution and technologies.
  • Manufacturing-on-Demand as partial remedy to reducing the unneeded distribution & storage emissions, and subsequent financial costs to consumer pricing.

As the pioneering venture within the DTC fashion category, we are leading the way with developing growth models, scaling directly associated developments of eco-friendly manufacturing, global distribution emissions reductions, new forms of retail & wholesale distribution, inclusion ownership & workforce, and financial model for distributing a more equitable means to lifestyle brand entrepreneurs.

The launch of is the beginning of a journey that to me (founder) has been fortuitous - The call to action for entrepreneurship to lead the way into new era of sustainable fashion models with an optimized means to producing inclusive businesses that scale by licensing consumer brands and thereby creating a global fashion category marketplace for a more perfect future.





Matthew Ashburn

Resort Pop Group



Note > Below the founders timeline infographic


Resort Pop timeline on R&D - Direct-to-Consumer fashion category by Resort Pop

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