Shopping As A Service launched on Resort Pop with Consumer Crypto Rebate

Resort Pop as the fashion category marketplace for all things - Resort Pop Wear!

Has launched - Shopping As A Service (SAAS)



The first of programs to come is the Consumer Crypto Rebate.

Now Bitcoin & Ethereum at checkout!

Get up to 30% back in-store credit to shop for more!

After setting up your account - the rebate will be made available within 24 hours.

> Link to set-up account


With market growth expected to reach in the 100s of brands - Our position is to reinvent the buyer-seller relationship by shaping the consumer offerings around a category:

The beginning of the development - Shopping As A Service

As we engage + better service + personalized + innovative + purchases

  • Tailored Financial/Style components to each client's experience
  • Retail/Online Experience; Listening + Sharing = Merchandising
  • Maximizing Return through competitive-edge with innovative fashion designers; niche collections
  • Reformulates over-time; matching the evolving style of each client


"Its more than data - the old school approach of listening to the client's interests in shopping is best way to clarify/verify the engagement. Now with present consumers data applied to their specific data set - Optimizing all parties for the betterment of the customer experience."


We look forward to evolving with your style!


Matthew Ashburn


Resort Pop

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